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Future of Medicine — Founder Series
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As a startup biotech company, Orig3n helps people understand the correlation between their genetic makeup and the functioning of their mind and body. From fitness to nutrition to personality, Orig3n DNA tests provide easy and affordable access to genetic information and guidance on how to use it. Together with their community, the company is on a mission to accelerate the future of regenerative medicine through increased understanding of our bodies and the role our genes play.


Over a course of 14 months, we launched 15 new mini-test kits, including one specialized test kit in partnership with the 49ers, created numerous social campaigns, crafted a videos series featuring the founders, aided in their premium status with (selling out over the 2017 cyber weekend) and much more. 

Designing a multi-purpose experience


In 2017, Orig3n purchased a 6-year lease on a large suite at the 49ers stadium. This suite serves as a place to entertain and grow business, and it houses an operational lab.


We were tasked with designing, producing and coordinating with the 49ers to create a “DNA experience” within the suite. This included custom-made screens and kiosks to house interactive experiences for both the explanation of how Orig3n processes DNA samples as well as the history of DNA.


The suite was broken up into two zones. In the back is a fully operational lab that processes DNA tests. The front zone, facing the 49ers field, primarily serves as a “hands-on DNA Museum” where Orig3n sales associates can showcase the products to partners and potential investors. Orig3n also plans on participating in the 49ers STEM education program—to teach students about DNA.




greatness. Is it in your DNA?

Startup biotech company, Orig3n, desired a new DNA Test that would champion the football legend, John Lynch. In the second year of their partnership with the San Francisco 49ers, Orig3n created a test that would identify qualities that John Lynch looks for in his team: Performance, Toughness, Resilience, and Spirit.
Today, the John Lynch Gameplan DNA Test joins Orign3n's 5 core products and 15
mini tests

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.44.09 PM.png
Game Plan_FINAL 30_Rev1
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